Almost the entire state will see 1 to 2 feet of total snow accumulation, along with 60 mph-plus wind gusts and potentially significant coastal flooding at the Jersey Shore.

(Photo: Bud McCormick, Bradley Beach)

Here are the latest forecast details on the incredible winter storm impacting the Garden State this weekend...

* Blizzard Warnings continue for most of New Jersey today, as heavy snow and a fierce wind reduce visibility to near-zero throughout much of the day. Travel will be extremely hazardous, if not impossible!

* The worst of the worst so far: 12 inches of snow on the ground reported in Wildwood Crest, Cape May County; a 66 mph wind gusts in Bayville, Ocean County; less than a quarter-mile visibility for much of the state.

* The timeline of this forecast is holding steady: The heavy, rapidly accumulating is forecast to continue for New Jersey all the way through Saturday afternoon and evening. We should taper off to light snow and eventually nothing, from west to east, around Midnight tonight. By mid-morning Sunday, the snow should be done falling for all 21 counties in New Jersey. A gusty wind will continue through about midday Sunday.

* Snow accumulations of 1 to 2 feet of snow are expected across the Garden State today. Locally higher amounts will be possible for inland sections of central and southern New Jersey, and the wind will cause some dramatic drifts. The "lowest" snowfall totals will be around Sussex County in North Jersey, and along the southern coast in Atlantic and Cape May counties.

* Some mixing with rain is expected along the Jersey Shore, as temperatures briefly bump above the freezing mark today. That may reduce overall snow totals a little, but it'll still be a slushy mess.

* Ferocious wind gusts up to 60 mph along the coast and 40 mph inland could cause downed trees, power outages, and wind chills in the teens.

* Coastal flooding will be a concern for all tidal waterways for the next 2 or 3 high tide cycles. 3 to 4 foot surge is expected up and down the Jersey Shore on top of an already high full moon tide. The highest water rise expected in Atlantic and Cape May counties. High tides will be between 6:30 and 7:15 a.m. Saturday, 7 and 7:45 Saturday night, and between 7:15 and 8 a.m. Sunday (which is expected to be the highest tidal cycle this weekend).

* Ocean waves up to 14 to 20 feet will likely cause significant beach erosion.

* Stay ahead of the storm: Updates from the weather center will continue through the day and night, until this nor'easter is history! Our team is camped out (well, snowed in) at the radio station all weekend long, collecting the very latest storm information and passing it on to you. Be safe, be smart, stay warm, and have fun today!

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