With the summer tourism season just ahead, there are still many jobs available in the state's hospitality, tourism and retail industries.

Atlantic City, New Jersey. (SeanPavonePhoto, ThinkStock)

The New Jersey Labor Department was in Freehold Township Wednesday along with leaders from the state's Retail, Hospitality, and Tourism Talent Network in order to stress the importance of retail and hospitality sector jobs still available.

"There's a lot of hiring now; it's certainly not too late," said Aaron Fichtner, deputy commissioner of the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development. "There's hiring really always going on in the retail, hospitality and tourism industry, so there are some really good opportunities for people."

The Networks, which are divided into North and South, are a partnership between educational institutions, businesses, government, and employees that helps fill and train position on the retail, hospitality, and tourism sectors. It is partnered with both Fairleigh Dickinson University and Stockton College.

Tourism and hospitality is a major sector in New Jersey. If counted as one business, it would rank 70th on the list of Fortune 500 businesses in the country.

Fichtner said while many retail and hospitality positions are often overlooked, they can often be pathways to prosperous careers.

There are some part-time opportunities, there are some seasonal opportunities, but there are career ladders for folks to be able to move up into management and supervisory positions," Fichtner said.

While the tourism industry managed to remain strong last summer, even in the wake of Superstorm Sandy, Fichtner said anecdotally, they are predicting a stronger season with even more hiring.

"The economy is getting stronger and we're seeing growth across the board," Fichtner said. "This has been an important industry for us and will continue to be so into the future."