With the chill in the air, it may not feel like it, but spring has arrived after a warm and stormy winter.

Brian Kersey, Getty Images

"We went into this winter at the thirteenth warmest in over a century of record. While we had our cold spells and it remains cool now, overall we ran above average temperature wise," said Dr. Dave Robinson, New Jersey State Climatologist at Rutgers University.

"That being said, it wasn't nearly as mild as last winter which was almost a winter-less winter. We only have to remember back to last March when things were blooming three, four and five weeks earlier than expected. Clearly, that's not the case this year."

As for precipitation, there was an inordinate number of small storms that dropped two or more inches somewhere in New Jersey.

"Including the storm that ended on the 19th, it was the sixteenth time we had a storm of two inches or more somewhere in the state. Central Jersey was caught in the middle quite often," said Dr. Robinson. "There were ten storms where there was more precipitation to the north of Central Jersey and there was five storms where there was more to the south."

When you put all of the precipitation together, the rain and melted snow, or liquid precipitation, was a little below average while the snowfall was about average.

"The last snow event put the areas north of I-78 or Route 80 a little above normal for the winter whereas the rest of the state is sitting a couple of inches below average for the winter. So, precipitation-wise, we've been pretty average. It's just come in a lot of smaller events," Robinson said.