Less than a week after new revelations about Bridgegate linked a top Christie administration official to the scandal, Gov. Chris Christie delivers his State of the State speech tomorrow.

Governor Chris Christie addresses the Bridgegate emails at a Statehouse press conference (Twitter)

"He's going to tick off his accomplishments with Sandy, he's going to say unemployment is going down, he's going to say we're creating jobs, we're creating businesses, but it's not going to be the high-flying unadulterated success that we need to show Washington how things are done speech," said Patrick Murray, director of the Monmouth University Polling Institute.

Murray said the speech will need to have an element of "yes I'm working to get my own house in order, and make sure we're able to continue these successes by making sure that I know what's going on in my administration."

Murray believes one question we do not have an answer for yet is whether "Christie has the political juice that he had before, and now whether the Democrats can or need to stand up to him because of their own political futures. This kind of swings the pendulum of power back a little bit more towards the Democrats here in getting what they want."

He also thinks one point of this speech will be for the governor to reach out and connect with residents of the Garden State.

"He has said that he believes he has not lost the trust of the public, but that remains to be seen," Murray said. "The speech will be about how everything has been great in New Jersey because we've been working across the aisle, but there have been some hiccups and I'm going to work to make sure those don't happen again."