We got a lot of snow in South Jersey last weekend and now there are massive piles of snow everywhere. So, how long will this one last?

I went out to Hamilton Mall in Mays Landing Thursday morning, figuring that was one of the largest parking lots in South Jersey, and found the biggest pile of plowed snow that they had. This monster is located in the mall parking lot between Macy's and Red Lobster. While the picture may not do its size justice, it measures more than seven parking spots across and more than two parking spots wide. And even with temperatures above freezing and some rain since last weekend, there's no sign of this mountain disappearing anytime soon.

Giant pile of snow in the Hamilton Mall Parking Lot, Mays Landing - Photo: Chris Coleman / Townsquare Media

So, how long do you think it'll be around? For the record, we're not giving anything away if you guess correctly -- this is just for fun. And we're using "Price is Right" rules here -- closest guess to one of the dates in the poll below without going over (or in this case, past the date).