Now that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has revealed he underwent lap-band weight loss surgery back in February, will it help or hurt his chances of winning the GOP Presidential nomination, should he decide to seek it in 2016?

Governor Chris Christie (Governor's Office/Tim Larsen)

No one is quite sure.

"The fact that he's had this procedure isn't going to make the weight issue disappear - there will be maybe some attention paid to the rapidity of his weight loss, how is he doing?" says the Director of the FDU PublicMind poll, Krista Jenkins.

She says "I certainly feel for him because I think what will happen is maybe there will even be more scrutiny on how he's doing - so I don't see the issue of weight going away."

At the same time Jenkins points out if Christie does drop a considerable amount of weight, it could turn into a positive for him, similar to Governor Huckabee from Arkansas- who struggled with weight for quite some time and then lost a considerable amount of weight- and that became a selling point he had.

She adds what is more meaningful is the fact that "if Christie does have ambitions to be president the first thing he's going to have to do is win over people in the republican party who are quite conservative in their ideology - right now they're more concerned with what he believes rather than how he looks."