You may have seen pictures on Facebook showing all of the ice in Delaware Bay recently. That ice is now starting to break-up and big chunks of it are floating out to sea.

With record cold temperatures recently, much of Delaware Bay and the Cape May Canal were frozen-over. As temperatures got above freezing this past weekend, much of the ice started to break-up. Sunday afternoon at Sunset Beach off of Cape May, huge chunks of ice were littering the beach while big pieces were quickly floating out to sea, past the S.S. Atlantus wreck. The video below is in real-time -- that's how quickly the tide was going out Sunday afternoon.

Ice in Delaware Bay off Sunset Beach, Cape May, with the SS Atlantus wreck in the background – Chris Coleman/Townsquare Media
Chunks of ice on Sunset Beach, Cape May - Chris Coleman/Townsquare Media
Ice from high tide during low tide on a jetty, Cape May - Chris Coleman/Townsquare Media