Harry Hurley has learned and confirmed that there is a serious potential election issue that has just presented. Further, Hurley has learned that it is about to heighten even further.

First, Hurley has confirmed that Atlantic County Board of Elections (Democratic) Board Member, Sandy Couch has left the Board because she is currently running in the November 4, 2013, school board elections.

New Jersey Title 19 considers the seat immediately vacant when a candidate petition is filed for a Primary or General Election. School Board Elections are now held on General Election day. The only exceptions to this are for those running for County Committee or as a Delegate to a Convention. Chairman Bob Marshall informed Couch this past Friday, October 17, 2014.

This leaves the Democrats with only one member remaining on the Atlantic County Board of Elections. However, in another Harry Hurley exclusive, this appears about to change.

The lone Democrat, Paula Dunn has missed the past 7 months (since April) due to health reasons. Well placed sources have confirmed exclusively to Harry Hurley that Dunn is preparing to resign as early as tomorrow because of health reasons. This would leave the Democrats with no Members on the Board. This also would leave the Atlantic County Board of Elections without a Quorum to meet, in order to review the mail-in ballots and other very important responsibilities that they are tasked with by state law.

The position is achieved by the appointment from The Governor.

Harry Hurley has a long-standing, effective working relationship with all four Members of the Board. Many of these Boards fight like cats and dogs around the state because you have two Republicans and two Democrats voting on ballots and making other decisions that can effect the outcome of an election.

In Atlantic County over the years, the four members have worked very well together. Considering the fact that it's a partisan position in nature, they have done a very credible job keeping out politics as best as humanly possible.

Losing Couch and Dunn, especially at the same time is a big loss for The Atlantic County Board of Elections.


Updates as warranted.

Harry Hurley will be discussing in detail tomorrow, Tuesday, October 21, 2014, during the 7:00 a.m. hour on "Hurley in the Morning," on WPG Talk Radio 1450.



John Mooney, former (Democratic) Atlantic County  Superintendent of Elections appears poised to be appointed to The Atlantic County Board of Elections.  

This would answer the immediate issue of the Board not having a Quorum to meet.

This may wait until November 1, 2014.