ATLANTIC CITY - In a major investigation, conducted by Hurley in the Morning, we have learned and confirmed that the Atlantic City Board of Education is currently not paying many bills that are due to vendors, who have provided services to the Atlantic City Public Schools system.

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This has not been reported any where before now. We have not been able to determine the exact amount of money owed to various vendors, but, it is well into the seven figure range. For example, a family-owned transportation company (that can ill afford this) is owed more than $700,000 to date.

They continue to provide bus services, but, obviously they have employees to pay, insurance, repairs and maintenance and other expenses.

The law firm of Levenson-Cooper is also owed substantial money.

A well placed executive branch source has also confirmed that the state of New Jersey is instructing the Atlantic City Board of Education to only pay employee salary expenses a this time.

The state is concerned that the City of Atlantic City will soon not be able to pay the school purpose tax revenue to the Board of Education.

The state wants the Atlantic City Public Schools to have a cash cushion on hand to be able to stay open during any city-based revenue shortage that is expected to occur in the near future.

We spoke with Atlantic City Board of Education President John Devlin, who would neither confirm nor deny the results of my investigation.

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