I do a lot of online banking, so every once and a while I check my statement activity. Today, I found a strange charge that ended up being identity theft.


The charge was for a small amount, but that is part of the scam. The thieves charge minor amounts hoping you won't notice. After looking into the source and contacting my bank, I found out this is a major problem.

The charge will show up on your statement as BLS*WEBLEARN for just over ten dollars or so. The number associated with the charge is 888-461-2032.

I called the number and it went straight to an "on hold" loop. You know, the whole "your call is important to us and someone will be with you shortly." Never once did they identify who they were or pick up.

A quick online trace of the phone number tracked it back to Malta. Malta! Needless to say, I called my bank, cancelled my card and their fraud department is investigating.

Please check your bank statement for BLS*WEBLEARN 888-461-2032. It's the first phase of identity theft that has wiped out entire bank accounts.