If you have noticed an increase in traffic jams, you can pin some of it on the improving economy.

Flickr user: epSos.de

A study from the traffic information service, INRIX, found the first three months of this year is the first time they saw an increase in traffic congestion in the last two years.

"When people go back to work, and consumers feel confident to go out and spend money, it means businesses are shipping more products to stores. The outgrowth of that is unfortunately more traffic on our roads, " explained INRIX study author Jim Bak, who says in 2008, when the economic downturn began, they saw traffic drop across the country 30 percent.

Bak says cheaper gas prices are also doing their share to put more cars on the road.

INRIX cautions that a significant rise in unemployment in the second quarter, or another round of Washington paralysis could slow or stall the rise in congestion.

"Where we go from here is entirely dependent on where things go with employment and what our government does with some of these issues," Bak says.