The clutches of anxiety can be frightening. Anxiety disorders are some of the most common mental health problems in the country.  In our fast paced, demanding society, it is easy to understand how so many of us are stressed out.

Stress disorders fall under the umbrella of being overly worried or afraid of something, or wanting to avoid what can be viewed as a potentially stressful situation. Psychologically, we can become so focused on worrying that we only think about the worst possible outcome. It is human nature to try to avoid stressful situations. Anxiety can lead to comfort eating or drinking, smoking, drugs or other negative behaviors. Such 'answers' to a problem only create more problems in the long term.

Here are some tips from to help make the day feel just a little bit easier when times may get tough:

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    Almost any type of exercise is sure to help relieve some stress. Getting outside and walking/biking a few miles can help clear your head, while other activities such as weight lifting, wrestling, or playing intramural sports help take your mind off whats stressing you.

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    Keep a list!

    Writing down tasks on a piece of paper, and crossing them off when you complete each job can make them feel easier! Start by writing simple tasks, and slowly work up to more difficult tasks, until you may be ready to take on a challenging job head on!

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    Relax to some music

    Everyone loves music - do you have that one song that just seems to bring you to another point in your life? If so, give it a listen! This is another simple way you can help calm down.