New Jersey lawmakers will vote on a bill today that would create mold remediation and exposure standards for residential buildings.

Jersey Shore Communities Continue Recovery Efforts From Superstorm Sandy (Mark Wilson, Getty Images)

"After Hurricane Irene and Superstorm Sandy, we have a lot of companies going around saying, 'you probably have mold, let us test and let us remediate any issues you may have,'" says one of the sponsors of the measure, Assemblyman Dan Benson. "We want to make sure that the companies doing the remediation correctly, or doing testing correctly, and are reputable companies. So we want to protect consumers"

He says the idea is to make sure that when a company does say it's going to remediate, that they're doing it in a correct manner, that the consumer and the public health can be assured that they are protected.

Benson points out health concerns after Hurricanes Irene and Sandy.

"There are a lot of people that have strong mold sensitivities and people are getting sick, and finding that it's because of a mold problem in their home or in their apartment. It's important to make sure that people know they can do something about it to protect their health, and two when they do it, they do it in a manner that they can be sure that they're not being scammed."

He also says the issue is very important because mold can be a serious problem for many people, such as those with immune issues those that have strong sensitivities, the elderly and children, and that can lead to respiratory problems, asthma attacks, feelings of flu-like symptoms. So there's a lot of different things for those that can be impacted.