Compared to other states, it looks like New Jersey may have skipped a few grades.

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There's a new list that ranks the smartest states in the country, based on U.S. Census data — and New Jersey performs very well.

According to career site Zippia, New Jersey and Connecticut tie for fifth out of the top-10 smartest.

Despite how Zippia describes its list, it might be better described as a collection of the most-educated states. The rankings took into account each state's population (New Jersey has 8.8 million), the percentage of adults with bachelor degrees or higher (in New Jersey, 36.4 percent) and the high school dropout rate (New Jersey, 3.1 percent).

Zippia said it decided to forgo use of IQ scores and standardized test results, because of certain inherent biases.

"We thought this criteria was representative of the current state of smarts with the potential for a place to improve the education levels of the next generation," the site said in its explanation of its methodology.

Most of the top 10 came out of the Northeast. Massachusetts claimed the top spot.

1. Massachusetts
2. Vermont
3. Virginia
4. New Hampshire
5. Connecticut
6. New Jersey
7. Minnesota
8. Maryland
9. Nebraska
10. California

Zippia's John McLean said New Jersey's intelligence has the ability to steer people here when they're choosing where they'd like to start their careers.

"There's more to it than just what you're paid," McLean told New Jersey 101.5. "A big part of it is the environment you work in."

And working in a smart state, McLean said, increases someone's chances of being part of a productive work environment.

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