A recent poll has found that 1 in 8 parents in the U.S. said the internet was responsible for telling their children the truth about Saint Nick.

44% of parents blamed Google for ruining this Christmas story, as children searched for Santa and found pages explaining he is as real as an artificial Christmas tree.

About 34 percent of children questioned Kris Kringle after seeing ads online for gifts they had asked for. Sadly, one in three children had their Christmas spirit crushed after reading a tweet of Facebook post saying Santa is wasn’t real.

The poll also showed one in 10 kids have turned into little cyber detectives and learned the truth after finding all of their gifts in their parent’s shopping accounts.

In order to keep Mr. Claus alive, website Hide My Ass! Has launched a campaign called, ‘Keep Believing in Santa,’ which helps parents avoid online traps with free software that monitors all online search results and hides any images that suggest he doesn’t exist.