They liked your resume and now they want you to come in for an interview.

A new poll from Accountemps reveals what hiring managers want when they talk to a job applicant.

Regional Vice President Ryan Gatto says the process really begins with a handshake, solid eye contact, and just presenting yourself with the appropriate attire that will start the first impression in the first 15 minutes.

Gatto advises applicants to plan the logistics. For example, print out copies of your resume, prepare your outfits and find out where you are going by looking up directions, or even doing a trial visit prior to your interview.

"I would even say rehearing some of the responses to some commonly-asked questions," he said.

Gatto says most managers see the morning, between 9 and 11, as applicant interview prime time.

"They have taken stuff off of their plate that are priorities and they have allocated time to sit with potential new hires." He says that time slot is productive because they were able to get into the office, take care of some immediate needs and then have that time available, while they are still fresh.

Gatto says you should field unusual questions that come "out of left field" calmly and concisely and try to sound convincing.

"I think that taking the time, and pausing and saying, "that's a very good question," and just gathering yourself for a second, because sometimes there are those questions that are thrown out to potential hires that you are just not prepared for."

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