Kai the Hatchet Wielding Hitchhiker remains in a Philadelphia jail awaiting a trip back to Union County to face murder charges.

Joseph Galfy (Facebook)

The internet sensation, whose real name is Caleb Lawrence McGillvary, was arrested at Philadelphia's Greyhound bus terminal early Thursday night trying to make his way to Georgia.

Union County Prosecutor Theodore Romankow  told the Star Ledger that if McGillvary doesn't fight extrication he could be back in New Jersey in "a few days."

McGillvary is wanted in the murder of 73-year-old lawyer Joseph Galfy of Clark, who was found in his home dead wearing nothing but his underwear and socks when police came to check on him. He had not reported for work for several days and co-workers at the law firm of Kochanski, Baron and Galfy, PC in Rahway became concerned.

Funeral services for Galfy will be held today at Our Lady Of The Mount R.C. Church in Warren.

KYW TV reports that McGillvary was spotted at a Starbucks in Philadelphia's Center City by an employee who called 911. and struck up a conversation with a woman. He explained he was wanted for murder and trying to leave town. The woman thought he was "crazy" but her boyfriend recognized him and called police.

McGilvary is being held on $3 million bail and will be brought to the Union County Jail in Elizabeth today.

“I believe that everyone is a little safer with this person off the streets," said Romankow in a statement upon his arrest.

His internet fans are having a hard time understanding seeing McGillvary as a killer. "I hope they really listen to him and do a proper investigation," posted one fan on Facebook. Another was trying to pay for his legal defense and was accepting donations. So far he had collected $56 according to CNN.

Meet Leads To Murder

Joseph Galfy's Clark home (WCAU TV)

McGillvary spent at least two nights in Galfy's home in Clark, Romankow said, after the two met in Times Square.  It's believed  McGillvary took two trips to meet a fan in Asbury Park; Galfy picked him up after the first trip and brought him back to Clark, Romankow said.

It is unclear how McGillvary got to the train station a second time. After heading back to Asbury Park, McGillvary and the fan went to Philadelphia, then to Glassboro in southern New Jersey, where McGillvary spent Monday night, the day after he is accused of murdering Galfy.

Statements posted on McGillvary's Facebook page following the homicide were "sexual in nature," Romankow said.

McGillvary's last Facebook post, dated Tuesday, asks "what would you do?" if you awoke in a stranger's house and found you'd been drugged and sexually assaulted. One commenter suggests hitting him with a hatchet — and McGillvary's final comment on the post says, "I like your idea."

Next Stop: Glassboro

Caleb Lawrence McGillvary (Union County Prosecutors Office)

McGillvary spent the night in a Glassboro home the day after he is accused of bludgeoning Galfy to death.

Police say he came to Philadelphia and later called a fan who lives in the Glassboro house to pick him up.

"We didn't know when he was staying here. He didn't give any signs of it. He was a nice enough guy and everything, but afterwards it kind of made sense after everything we are hearing. You go back on all of the stuff he was saying and it all made sense," Eric told WPVI TV.