Tropical Depression Eleven, as of 5PM Monday, was located several hundred miles southwest of Bermuda and forecasters say it could strengthen into Tropical Storm Joaquin on Tuesday.

National Hurricane Center's forecast for TD #11

We're keeping an eye on TD #11 because the official forecast from the National Hurricane Center brings what could become Tropical Storm Joaquin, with 50 MPH winds, off of the Jersey Shore just in time for the upcoming weekend. With that said, there is a margin of error of a couple hundred miles that many days out, so we could be dealing with some heavy rain and gusty winds for the weekend -- or just cloudy skies -- depending on the exact track. Two things to keep in mind, though: (1) it's been very dry here in South Jersey for several weeks, so we could use some much-needed rainfall, but (2) some of our beaches and dunes have been beaten-up over the past couple days as it's been very windy and seas have been rougher than normal.

AccuWeather says, "A deepening trough over the eastern United States will begin to steer the tropical cyclone to the north this week, likely paralleling the East Coast. The trough may pull the cyclone far enough west to enhance rainfall from potentially the Outer Banks of North Carolina into the Northeast later this week."

As the week progresses, forecasters will have a much better grip on what our weekend weather will look like.