The brother of former Keyport resident Julia Merfeld is shocked at how calmly she tries to arrange the murder of her husband, Jacob.

Nick Antonaccio (WPIX TV)

Nick Antonaccio, one of the 21-year-old Merfeld's 11 siblings, told WPIX  “I think it’s upsetting that she can talk about it so lightly and laugh about it." He said he thought their marriage was good.

Julia Merfeld met with a hitman to arrange for the murder of her husband in Michigan in April reasoning that it was easier than going through a divorce.  The hitman was actually an undercover detective who arrested her.

Antonaccio says their two 4-year-old daughter and 2-year-old son are now living with husband Jacob Merfeld's parents in Wisconsin. The family moved to Michigan a couple of years ago when Jacob was re-assigned by the US Coast Guard he told WPIX.

Julia Merfeld in court (WPIX TV)

Keyport Mayor James Meehan, who received first communion with Merfeld's father Joe Antonaccio, woke up to the news. “To see something like that on the news, it’s just shocking.”

He says that while Jacob doesn't want his wife to face any jail time, maybe the reality of what his wife did will set before final sentencing on July 30. "Maybe it will sink in, and he’ll change his mind,' said Meehan.

Muskegon County, Michigan Prosecutor D.J. Hilson tells that Merfeld's "cold and callous" demeanor in the video played a role in the case. “Sometimes the best evidence is video evidence, and this particular video basically laid out exactly what her intentions were and how she wanted it done." It was very clear to Hilson that this was a "money-driven motive" for Julia.

At sentencing Hilson is counting on the video to drive home that  "this was a cold and calculated plan on her part, and that she really wanted her husband killed."