Atlantic City has received a $2 million grant to become the first city in New Jersey to convert its entire street-light system to light emitting diodes or LEDs.

The Press of Atlantic City is reporting that the city has been approved for a grant from the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities to make about 2,500 street lights more energy efficient.

In a statement, Mayor Don Guardian estimates that the LEDs could save the city approximately $250,000 a year in energy costs and help to reduce crime.

“One of the City’s major initiatives has been to convert lighting fixtures throughout the City to brighter and cheaper LED technology," Guardian . "We thank the Board of Public Utilities for their help in achieving this important goal.”

The installation of LEDs began in the Ducktown section of the city last year and is now underway on the Boardwalk.

Guardian pointed to statistics showing a 12% reduction in crime in cities using the brighter LED lighting.

Source: Press of Atlantic City

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