Linden Police and school officials are investigating an incident that took place at a high school football game in which a Linden defensive lineman pulled the helmet off of an Immaculata offensive lineman while taking him down during a play on Sept. 11, has reported.

A video of the incident shows the Linden player hitting the opposing team's player on the head before letting go of the helmet, which flew several yards across the field.

Immaculata Athletic Director Tom Gambino told that the two schools are working together to get to the bottom of the incident, which is also being investigated by the Mid-State 38, along with the NJSIAA - both school athletic associations.

"When I saw the video, I contacted the NJSIAA and Steve Yesinko, the Linden athletic director," Gambino told "And I just wanted to say that the Athletic director and coach have been very cooperative, very apologetic. We've been in touch the whole time, and their first concern was how our kid was doing, and he is doing fine."

The Immaculata player was treated at Morristown Memorial Hospital after the game and ended up needing 10 stitches. The student accused of hitting him was flagged for a personal foul after the incident occurred, but referees did not eject him from the game.