When asked about the possibility of casinos in New Jersey outside of Atlantic City on Monday evening's "Ask The Congressman" program, South Jersey Congressman Frank LoBiondo didn't mince words.

A listener from Ocean County asked Congressman LoBiondo that if or when casinos in North Jersey experience the same amount of competition from neighboring areas the same way Atlantic City casinos do now, will the proposed subsidies to Atlantic City be revoked (some plans to allow casinos in North Jersey say that some money from those gaming halls will help Atlantic City casinos).

LoBiondo called the overall proposal, "troubling." LoBiondo says the proposal to allow casinos in North Jersey does not take into account that there is an overcapacity of casinos, nor does it really spell-out how any money from North Jersey to support South Jersey casinos will help the average casino worker or those who are out of work. LoBiondo went on to say that allowing casinos in North Jersey, "further drops a nail in the coffin of Atlantic City."

Here Congressman LoBiondo's full remarks here:

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