Aztec Motel in Wildwood Crest (6 ABC)

A man was shocked and floated lifelessly in a Wildwood Crest motel pool on Saturday night — and a teen who tried to save him got a shock of his own.

Guest Jerry Butler from Northeast Philadelphia told 6 ABC he was sitting along the pool as Greg Subiszak, 34, of Fair Lawn played with his son. Subiszak's son started crying, as his father laid face down in the water, not moving, Subiszak told ABC.

Butler said a friend of his son's, Ivan Christopher Martinez of Camden, jumped in an attempt to save Subiszak — but when into convulsions after touching Martinez's body, according to the report. Eventually, a maintenance worker turned off the electricity and Subiszak was pulled out, the report said. It took a motel guest 12 minutes to revive Subiszak using CPR, and he remains in critical condition.

The Aztec Motel's owner, Adamo Pipitone, told the station a short in a lamp post may have electrified the pool.

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