Have you ever tried to win a giant stuffed animal at either a carnival or on the boardwalk somewhere? You might spend five or ten bucks and if you don't win, you go on with your life. Not this guy.

Meet Henry Gribbohm who spent his life savings -- $2,600 -- at a carnival game recently and all he has to show for it is a giant banana with dreadlocks.

In all fairness, he was trying to win an Xbox, not the banana with dreadlocks. While playing the game, he quickly lost $300. With a chance to win some of his money back via double or nothing bets, he left the carnival, went home and got $2,300, returned to the carnival, and proceeded to lose all of his money.  He complained the next day and got some of his money back. He got to keep the giant banana with dreadlocks.

If you learn nothing else today, remember this: if you lose $300 at a carnival game and then you think it's a good idea to go home to retrieve $2,300 so you can beat the game  -- it's not. Grab a large order of curly fries, ride the Merry Go Round, and go home.