New Jersey's Good Samaritan Law, which protects people who report drug overdoses from criminal prosecution, has been on the books for a couple of months, but the drug overdose fatality rate is still high, so state officials are launching a public awareness campaign.

Ambulance (Flickr Photo: Five Furlongs)

"The very simple message of the Save a Life, Don't Think Twice, Just Call 911 campaign is that if you see somebody overdosing, you're not yourself worried about getting charged criminally, and instead you're focused on saving the person's life," says New Jersey Department of Human Services Commissioner Jen Velez.

She points out some people still are not reporting overdoses they see because they may be afraid of being charged with a crime, but this new statute changes that.

Velez says the public awareness campaign will involve healthcare professionals, community based programs, substance abuse programs, and the Governor's Council on Alcoholism and Drug Addiction.

Every year in New Jersey, more than 300 people die from drug overdoses.