The holidays are long gone, the Super Bowl is over and we've got at least six more weeks of cold, gloomy weather to look forward to -- including more snow possible early next week.

(Craig Veltri, ThinkStock)

Many New Jerseyans wish Old Man Winter would take a hike right now.

"This is bone-chilling cold and it makes me very uncomfortable," said Sally Jenkins of Ewing, "I'm tired of this cold, every February, I should know that I should plan a vacation away but I don't. I can't wait for that warm weather."

Other Mercer County shoppers agreed.

"I'm ready for spring," said one man smiling, "I like being outdoors and the cold weather doesn't do it."

Another shopper chimed in saying, "yeah I'm pretty sick of winter, I'm ready for some warmth and some relaxing weather where I don't have to worry about bundling up I guess."

Betsy Hopkins of Trenton said she always feels cold, even when she's wearing a coat, hat and gloves.

"I am ready for spring, I've been sick of winter since last year," she said.

Her friend added, "I am sick of the winter, ready for summer, because I'm tired of this weather. We had enough last year for the last 20 years."

One young woman who was wearing a sweat shirt and sweat pants said "I'm ready for spring, I'd move to Florida in a minute if I could, I don't like the cold cause it's cold!"

But not everybody is eager for winter to be over.

"It's part of living in Jersey, you know, I like Jersey because we do have 4 solid seasons," said one man smiling, "I don't mind the snow but I can deal without all the associated hassles with the driving and shoveling and all that kind of stuff."

Another shopper said she enjoys the cold and snow.

"I used to plow so it doesn't bother me," she said.