A nor'easter  packing hurricane-force wind gusts and blizzard conditions dumped more than 2 feet of snow on New England and knocked out power to 650,000 homes and businesses. The snow is still falling.

People walk through the blowing snow while a blizzard arrives in Boston's Back Bay neighborhood (Mario Tama/Getty Images)

The National Weather Service says up to 3 feet of snow is expected in Boston, threatening the city's 2003 record of 27.6 inches.

Airlines canceled thousands of flights through today. New York City's three major airports and Boston's Logan Airport closed.

The storm is being blamed on at least four deaths in New York and Canada.

Hundreds of cars stuck on Long Island Expressway

Police in New York say hundreds of cars have gotten stuck on the Long Island Expressway during a massive snowstorm and dozens of disabled motorists are still on the road.

Suffolk County police say cars began getting stuck Friday afternoon because weather conditions have been so bad. Authorities say vehicles are backed up and can't pass one another, and mounds of snow from plows have made it difficult for them to exit the highway.

Police say disabled motorists remain on the road early Saturday, and officers are working to get them off the road and make sure they're safe.

The Long Island Expressway and Sunrise Highway are both shut down in Suffolk County except for emergency vehicles.

Authorities say no injuries have been reported.

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