During this week's "Ask The Mayor" program on WPG Talk Radio 1450, Atlantic City Mayor Don Guardian gave listeners an overview of the parking situation in the World's Play Ground, including the city's interest in the Trump Plaza garage.

After being asked about where the money goes when you pay to park at a casino in Atlantic City, Mayor Guardian informed a caller that approximately $1.50 goes to the state to payoff bonds that have been used to improve areas of the city. That's added-up to about $20 million. A casino pays that fee to the state whether they give you the spot or you pay to park.

Since the free beach concerts and air show last summer where some casino garages in the middle of the city charged upwards of $50 to park, the city has imposed a $5,000 fine if a garage does not notify the city of a change in its rate.

Mayor Guardian also noted that the city may create a parking utility that would likely be managed by a private company through the city. A parking utility would coordinate parking across the city and a tiered rate may be created where city or county residents would pay a lower rate.

Guardian went on to say that, "we want to take advantage of Trump Plaza's garage." If a private company does not take over the garage at some point, the City may be interested in purchasing or leasing the garage as a safe, well-lit parking option for Boardwalk Hall.

Watch the Mayor's remarks here: