There are big changes in store for players of the Mega Millions Lottery game, and officials say you will like what you see.

Flickr User Robert S. Donovan

Starting with the October 22nd drawing, the opening Mega Millions jackpot after a big winner will go from $12 million to $15 million dollars. They will still draw five white balls and one gold ball, but the mix will change, meaning players will have a one in 15 chance of winning something.

"New Jersey loves to hand out winnings to its players and the Mega Millions game change will allow us to do even more of that," said Carole Hedinger, New Jersey Lottery Executive Director. "The game enhancements will allow the jackpots to climb higher, heightening public excitement, while more New Jersey millionaires are created with each game roll."

"The updated Mega Millions game offers all of these benefits while keeping the ticket price at just a $1."

Lottery Spokeswoman Judy Drucker says lady luck has smiled on the state this year with big wins.

"Three of those were Mega Million jackpots, and one of those was the gigantic Powerball, $338 million jackpot win."

Mega Millions sales in Jersey in Fiscal Year 2013 totaled $136 million.