New Jersey will see some good snowmelt over the next few days, but icy conditions will remain a problem as our next storm system looms.

Here are your weather headlines for Monday, January 25, 2016...

Melt, Refreeze, Repeat

Beware of ice! Although yesterday's bright sunshine kickstarted the melting process, temperatures this morning fell into the single digits and teens across most of the state. With such a hard freeze, any puddles and slush have likely frozen to a sheet of solid ice this morning. That will make walking and driving potentially treacherous for much of today, even on shoveled and plowed surfaces.

The melt will continue today, with sunshine for at least the first part of the day. Temperatures should bump above the freezing mark for a few hours this afternoon as well, into the mid 30s.

Another freeze is forecast for Monday night, with lows in the mid 20s. So it'll be another precious, potentially icy morning on Tuesday. Temperatures will reach the 40s on Tuesday and Wednesday, which will hopefully ramp up the amount of melting even more.

A Few Raindrops and Snowflakes

GFS model precipitation for Tuesday evening around 7 p.m. (WeatherBell Analytics)

Our next storm system is right around the corner. New Jersey will be clipped by a low pressure system between about 4 p.m. Tuesday and Noon Wednesday. This will present a chance for some light precipitation. It should be mostly rain, but I wouldn't rule out some light snow mixed in, especially in North Jersey. In any case, precipitation totals will be very light, and accumulation of snow is not likely. I'm a little concerned about the icing potential for early Wednesday morning - it doesn't take much ice to cause a very slippery situation.

Showers should clear on Wednesday morning. We'll then see breezy conditions and mixed cloud cover, with highs in the lower to mid 40s.

Eyes on the Horizon: Next Storm?

Another week, and another coastal storm on the horizon. Oh boy...

GFS model precipitation and pressure for early Friday. (WeatherBell Analytics)

Chill. No need to panic yet. First of all, this system's dynamics are FAR weaker than the storm we saw this past weekend. Second, the storm track is further south and east: the models currently show a NEAR-MISS for New Jersey.

However, it is a little too close for comfort for me. So it's going to be very important to watch this system closely as the week goes on. A little wiggle back toward the coast could lead to another round of wintry weather for New Jersey.

To be clear, it's only a slim possibility for now. In fact, at the moment, the European is the only model solution to show any impact for the Garden State - about 1 to 2 inches of snow accumulation. So again, not another big one... Our current forecast keeps us dry and snow-free from Thursday to Friday.

As always, we'll be watching, and we'll keep you posted. If the track wiggles, you'll be the first to know!

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