Four members of the Florence High School baseball team have been suspended and their coach is under investigation over a biting incident as part of the hazing of a new team member.

Florence High School (Spiezle Architecture)

A district commission is investigating an allegation that four players held down one player who was bitten by other members of the team. Some of the bites  broke the skin according to the Times of Trenton.

The district’s anti-bullying coordinator and athletic department are also looking into the incident.

The hazing is part of “a ritual that has gone on for years" with the Flashes varsity baseball team according to the Times, which reports that a friend of the victim reported the incident, and not a parent.

“The players have not been with the team since they were pulled when the incident was reported," Florence Township Superintendent of Schools Donna Ambrosius tells the Times. “We would like to try and get the team back together and move forward, but only if we know the students are safe.”

Ambrosius says the district's investigation of the incident continues.