Tommy Zanowic (L) and Bridget Braaten (CBS New York via YouTube)

A message in a bottle dropped into the Atlantic Ocean off Island Beach State Park found its way to France two years later.

Tom Zanowic and Bridget Braaten were on the beach in Jan. 2014 when they took an empty bottle of mineral water, put a note inside and sent the bottle on its way according to Loyola magazine. Zanowic was a junior at the Maryland college at the time and told the magazine "we never thought anyone would find it."

Two years later someone did.


The green glass bottle washed up on Tariec Island off the coast of northwestern France on Jan. 10, 2016 and was discovered by artist David Folley, according to the magazine. Inside the bottle was a weathered note with no names but a Baltimore address asking the finder to "write to us about your good fortunes."  Folley did a bit of detective work and contacted Loyola who put pictures Folley took of his discovery and asked for help.

Braaten remembered their bottle and tagged Zanowic. "To be honest I completely forgot about it until I saw it on Instagram today. I think both of us thought someone in Seaside Park would find [the bottle] in a day or two and throw it away. I am still in shock that it floated all the way across the Atlantic.”

Zanowic and Folley have been in contact and plan to visit in France someday.

“I feel like there is a reason why something like this happened. I don’t know what the reason is, but I’m not just going to let it be," he told Loyola magazine.

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