The Jersey Shore made a mad dash to recover in time or Memorial Day weekend. But now that summer is more than half of the way through, what are people's thoughts about it?

Seaside Heights Boardwalk (Townsquare Media)

Seaside Heights, in particular, became the poster child for Sandy damage as the infamous photo of the Jetstar roller coaster sitting in the Atlantic Ocean became iconic imagery of the storm's fury.

Borough Mayor Bill Akers along with Governor Christie were adamant about having the vacation destination open in time for summer, leading to an almost complete rebuilding of the boardwalk. By Memorial Day weekend a new promenade was reopened with many of the shops and midway games also reopened.

"I think it's beautiful, I think they did a great job fixing it up," says one Jersey native visiting the boardwalk, noting they had seen lots of pictures of the "before" and were pleasantly surprised by how much was done.

However, some out-of-state visitors were not as impressed, especially since many had higher expectations based on the amount of commercials they heard about the shore being reopen.

"With the advertisements, we thought a lot more was finished or somewhat finished," notes a visitor from the Poconos.

"We expected more of the rides to be up, we didn't expect most of the pier to be gone still," his friend said.

Fun Town pier did suffer some of the worst damage, and construction crews can still be seen installing boards. Some attractions have been slowly reopening, however it won't be fully reopen until next summer

Most visitors who are Seaside regulars admit the new promenade is a significant upgrade, in terms of safety and quality, even without all of the rides being open just yet.