New Jersey's weather will stay fairly boring for the next week, as the daily melt-freeze cycle continues.

Here are your weather headlines for Wednesday, January 27, 2016...

Quiet Weather

After this weekend's blizzard, I don't think anyone in New Jersey is complaining about the "boring" weather forecast. Yesterday's 50+ degree temperatures in South Jersey felt pretty good!

Wednesday won't be quite as warm, with highs generally in the lower 40s. Still above freezing, and we'll still see solid snowmelt throughout the day (especially with breaks of sun through the afternoon).

However, as temperatures fall well below freezing Wednesday night through Thursday morning, it will enact another refreeze situation - maybe the most serious of the week. There are a lot of puddles and slushy patches out there, thanks to all the melting this week and this morning's rain. With tonight's freeze, those wet spots are prone to freeze over. Such icing would make Thursday morning a slippery go on roads, sidewalks, walkways, steps, etc. You know the drill... watch your step!

Jersey Sandwich

In yesterday's blog, I talked about a "New Jersey Sandwich" setting up for Friday. One coastal storm system is forecast head well out to sea, staying east of New Jersey. Another storm system sliding along the northern edge of the U.S. will clip New Jersey from the northwest. It's a precarious situation to be in the middle of two sizable weather situations, but I only have two very minor concerns.

The first is wind. With two strong-ish low pressure systems in the neighborhood, the pressure gradient between the two will likely lead to a gusty wind. I think Friday will generally be "breezy" with sustained winds of 10 to 20 mph - taken alone, that's not too bad. However, add wind gusts to 40 mph and it might be a bit blustery at times. Luckily, the snowpack is so wet now, we're not really at risk of blowing snow and severely reduce visibilities.

And the second concern for Friday will be snow showers. A few snowflakes may fly around as the northern system clips the Garden State. It shouldn't amount to much (if anything at all, as a few models suggest). But we'll be keeping an eye on the latest models regardless, to make sure that slippery road conditions and reduced visibility from falling snow won't be a problem for you.

Looking Ahead... Way Ahead...

Our next storm system of any significance doesn't show up in the models until next Wednesday (2/3). And even then, warming temperatures this weekend through early next week mean this storm is looking like a rainmaker, rather than a snowmaker.

However, a heavy rain storm would raise a flooding risk, given our continuing heavy snow cover. So next week's precipitation chance will be worth watching, no matter what..

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