Media outlets across South Jersey are reporting that Millville Thunderbolts' star running back, Rob Ennis has been charged with assault after punching a fellow teen and sending her to the hospital.

According to a report in the Press of Atlantic City, Millville police are not identifying who was charged or injured, but Ennis' involvement was confirmed by his uncle, City Commissioner David Ennis. writes that the incident stems from an altercation at Millville Senior High School during Saturday's Miss Holly City Pageant. However, it remains unclear what exactly happened. We do know, through the Ennis family, that Rob has been charged after allegedly punching a girl in the nose. That unidentified girl was taken to the hospital.

Police reports show that the teen identified as Rob Ennis was originally charged with simple assault and released into the custody of his mother. However, upon further investigation, police charged him with aggravated assault.

peoples’ evaluations can change without even knowing the facts, especially when you’re African-American.

The 17-year-old running back is considered to be one of the top football players in South Jersey. He has already verbally committed to play college football at Purdue. It is unclear yet how this will impact the rest of his high school season and beyond.

His family is not expected to speak to the media, but his uncle did say that this behavior is uncharacteristic of Rob, and that his nephew had to have been defending himself. He also told the Press of AC that Rob's parents are now watching how “peoples’ evaluations can change without even knowing the facts, especially when you’re African-American.”

97.3 ESPN has not confirmed that Millville High School has taken any disciplinary action, but Superintendent David Gentile told, "The district takes misconduct of any kind very seriously which is why we are conducting a thorough investigation in cooperation with local law enforcement."

Ennis did not play in Millville High School’s loss to St. Joe’s on Friday because of what coach Jason Durham called a “coach’s decision.”