It's one of my biggest pet peeves EVER and one driver in Howell has taken it to mind-blowing levels.

(photo: Thinkstock)

I'm talking about cleaning the snow and ice off your car. It's not about laziness, it's legitimately about the safety of both yourself and the THOUSANDS OF OTHER PEOPLE DRIVING AROUND YOU.

Howell Township Police Communications shared this photo on Facebook today:

It shows a car almost completely covered with a mountain of snow, save for a tiny part of the windshield that was cleared away.

Can you imagine driving behind this person?? I think we all know that snow is the not light fluffy kind got COLD last night, turning a good amount of that snow into rock hard ice.

Not to mention that this driver can barely see anything in front of them, let alone to the sides or behind them.

It makes my brain hurt that someone would think it was okay to drive like this.

And because there are people that somehow DO think this is fine, just a reminder: it's a state law. You must remove snow and ice from your vehicle.

Don't be a jerk. Clean off your car/truck/bus. It takes all of 10 minutes, and will save all of us a lot of hassle (and rage.)


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