The Select Committee on Investigation is scheduled to meet Tuesday afternoon at the State House in Trenton to discuss the possibility of issuing additional subpoenas related to the ongoing Bridgegate probe.

George Washington Bridge (Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

Members of the legislative panel probing the scandal will get a brief update in a public session and then head behind closed doors.

"We'll talk to the committee about some of the information that we've become aware of that has not been the subject of a subpoena," said SCI co-chair, Assemblyman John Wisniewski (D-Sayreville). "For instance the Gibson Dunn, so-called 'Mastro report' had references to interviews with 70 individuals and we don't know who those 70 individuals are, nor do we have benefits of any transcripts or interview notes."

It would be helpful if the committee had access to that information, Wisniewski said, and one way to get it is to issue a subpoena.

"There may be some additional investigatory work that's required prior to issuing subpoenas," Wisniewski said. "One of the things we'll be looking at is that possibility, but I want to wait until the committee meeting is concluded before we definitively make that statement."

The SCI is still waiting for a judge to rule if two central Bridgegate figures must be compelled to turn over subpoenaed documents. Bridget Kelly and Bill Stepien are fighting the subpoenas because they feel handing over documents could violate their Fifth Amendment rights against self-incrimination.

Gov. Chris Christie cut ties with Stepien, his two-time campaign manager, after Stepien's involvement in the scandal became known. Kelly was fired as Christie's deputy chief of staff after the governor learned of Kelly's now-infamous "time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee" email.

In September, access lanes to the George Washington Bridge in Fort Lee were closed without advance warning, which jammed up traffic for hours. Democrats feel the lanes might have been ordered closed as political payback to the town's Democratic mayor for refusing to endorse Christie's re-election.

The governor has denied any involvement in the lane closures, and the administration's internal investigation led by attorney Randy Mastro has cleared Christie of any wrongdoing.

The U.S Attorney's Office is reportedly investigating the situation also and has convened a grand jury to take testimony.