Dinosaur claws inspired by the movie Jurassic World and a quick-folding trampoline are two of the items on a consumer watchdog group's annual list of hazardous toys.

The World Against Toys Causing Harm says a pair of child-sized dinosaur claw gloves made of foam can cause eye and facial injuries.

The group also says a foam dart gun looks too realistic and a folding trampoline can lead to injuries during use and assembly. A plastic sling shot called “Splat X Smack Shot” has made the list for its potential to cause eye injuries.

A Play-Doh-like substance that looks like poop also made this year's list because the 'Poo-Dough' contains wheat and could cause allergy-related problems.

The Toy Industry Association says all toys for sale in the U-S go through strict safety requirements, and slams the group for making claims based on their opinions.