Two 19th century locomotives rest on the ocean floor, 8 miles off the coast of New Jersey and until recently, it remained a mystery how they got there.

There is always something eerie and fascinating about man made things that are found underwater. Shipwrecks and ancient cities are fairly common, but when those man made things are two 19th century locomotives...8 MILES off the coast of New Jersey, it is really strange!


One internet reader and history buff, Leslie Djokovic, claims:

...that the wreck that these two locomotives were part of a shipment being transported on a barge pulled by the steam ship SS Cornwall in March of 1850... On March 23rd 1850 a terrible storm hit and the SS Cornwall the bottom of the ocean with its cargo of locomotives where it rests to this day.

Other historical reports say that the locomotives were made in Boston and were being transported by boat to Philadelphia, for use on the Cumberland Valley Railroad.


This video is posted on YouTube by Dan Crowell along with and Deep Explorers Inc.

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