There's new help available for New Jersey homeowners who suffered flood damage from Superstorm Sandy.

Governor's Office/Tim Larsen

During a stop in Brick Township, Governor Christie announced a $100 million program funded by FEMA to help homeowners in high-risk flood areas elevate their homes.

"By helping people to elevate their homes they can literally raise their homes out of harms way - an investment in their future, and an investment in so many communities," said the Governor.

He told a group of residents in Brick Township homeowners can receive reimbursement of up to $30,000 for elevation on existing single family homes that are located in the 100-year flood plain in the 9 counties most impacted by Sandy.

"The house to be elevated must be the homeowners primary residence, and it must be a single family home, and the home must have been owned and occupied by the homeowner at the time of Sandy."

Christie also said applications will be prioritized by flooding risk and then by the level of Sandy related damage, which means the people who suffered the greatest damage and face the greatest risk will go first.

"This is an important step in making us stronger than the storm," Christie explained. "We know that another storm will come in the future- we hope it's a storm that's not nearly as severe as Sandy, but we know one's gonna come, and we need to be stronger than we were on October 29th 2012."

To get information about the grant program you can log on to the official website or you can call 1-855-SANDY- HM (1-855-726-3946).

Courtesy Governor's Office