High temperatures across the interior of the Garden State are forecast to come close to 90 degrees for both Wednesday and Thursday.

Sunshine and warm air will be abundant across New Jersey on Wednesday, as we will indeed experience the warmest day of 2016 so far. Fans of summer can celebrate. Foes of heat and humidity can curse Mother Nature while sitting in front of the air conditioner.

Fueled by an area high pressure and a south-southwest breeze, temperatures will spike Wednesday afternoon, mostly into the mid to upper 80s. That is 10 to 15 degrees above normal for late May. This heat would be "normal" in the middle of summer! Scattered 90-degree temperatures are totally possible for inland New Jersey. We'll be close to historical record highs for this day - 93 in Newark, 93 in Trenton, and 94 in Atlantic City.

But it's not going to be hot everywhere in the Garden State Wednesday! Thermometers along the Jersey Shore will read much lower, as the 60-degree ocean and the sea breeze team up to keep the beaches much cooler (probably in the 70s).

Additionally, the NJ Department of Environmental Protection has issued a Code Orange Air Quality Alert for Wednesday, due to elevated levels of ground ozone. For most New Jerseyans, this slight increase in air pollution means absolutely nothing. However, particularly sensitive groups such as the very young, the very old, and those with respiratory/breathing problems should limit strenuous activity and time outdoors on Wednesday.

Our weather stays quiet and warm for Wednesday night, with lows only falling into the 60s.

We'll be cooking again Thursday, with inland high temperatures returning to the mid to upper 80s. Once again, a few 90s are possible, while the coast is held cooler. The big difference between Wednesday and Thursday will be a noticeable increase in humidity. You wanted summertime heat and mugginess - you got it!

A few spot showers may pop up around sunset Thursday, but they will be few and far between.

The forecast gets tricky as the Memorial Day Weekend approaches. A sizable area of high pressure will be parked to our north. If that high pushes close enough to influence New Jersey, a "backdoor" cold front may introduce some showers and an on-shore flow. Such a dominant wind coming off the ocean would cause extra cloudiness and cooler temperatures for at least North Jersey. Our current forecast holds warm for Friday and Saturday, with a slight cooldown for Sunday and Memorial Day Monday. A few raindrops may pop up along the way. While it may not be perfect, New Jersey's Memorial Day Weekend is still looking pretty good!

So Friday should remain on the warm side of normal, with most highs in the lower 80s. Spot showers will be possible, under partly sunny skies.

The current outlook for Saturday puts high temperatures in the lower 80s again. Those temperatures fall to the upper 70s to around 80 for Sunday and Monday. Again, New Jersey looks mostly dry this weekend, but a few showers are possible (if not likely).

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