The pleasant weekend weather will continue Monday for the Garden State, but an approaching front will bring potentially unsettled, wet weather on Tuesday.

Here are your weather headlines for Monday, April 25, 2016...

Warm Monday

In a continuation of Sunday's beautiful weather, Monday is looking nice and warm for New Jersey. While morning temperatures were in the 30s and 40s for the majority of the state, high temperatures will bump into the lower to mid 70s inland on Monday. As usual, the sea breeze will keep the air a bit cooler along the coast, in the 60s at best.

Our skies won't be as beautifully blue as this weekend though, as clouds increase through the afternoon hours. Still, during the daytime hours, we'll enjoy dry weather with only a light breeze, so there's not much to complain about. Unfortunately, pollen levels and fire danger remain high.

Wet Tuesday

An approaching front will bring some rain to the Garden State on Tuesday. But the timing and slow speed of this front presents a really difficult forecast.

When I say "front", I simply mean leading edge of a "different" air mass. That difference can, of course, cause a variety of weather issues such as precipitation and wind. In this case, our "front" is the leading edge of slightly cooler and drier air. So it's qualified as a "weak cold front". Given its weak intensity and slow speed, the effects will be noticeable, but not overly dramatic or severe.

Showers may begin in the pre-dawn hours on Tuesday, mainly in the northern third of NJ (above I-78). As the front sags southward through New Jersey, it is expected to stall (stop) at some point. That may cause persistent showers to hang over one area for a period on Tuesday. The potential stall will also cause the state to experience a wide range of high temperatures on Tuesday. According to latest model data, I expect far North Jersey to top out in the lower to mid 60s, Central Jersey in the lower to mid 70s, and far South Jersey near 80 degrees. That's a big difference for such a little state!

I wouldn't be surprised if the front stays "stuck" over New Jersey (washes out), but the more likely scenario pushes the front southward through the state by Tuesday afternoon or evening. That will push a line of showers and thunderstorms through the state. (Central and South Jersey may not see any rain until this time.) Rainfall totals will be light, averaging a half-inch.

By midnight Tuesday night, the rain should be finished. For now.

Cooler Wednesday

Behind the front, we'll get a taste of that cooler and drier air. The dry air will keep skies sunny on Wednesday. And it won't feel "too" cool, as highs will push into the lower to mid 60s - that's within a couple degrees of normal for late April. Overall, Wednesday looks like yet another beautiful spring day.

On Thursday, the aforementioned front is expected to creep northward again. So we'll see another chance of rain from about midday Thursday through Friday morning. The rain and clouds will keep things on the cool side for Thursday too, with forecast highs limited to the upper 50s or so.

That band of rain looks to clear out by late Friday, and we should have a nice little warmup for the weekend. Our current forecast for Saturday and Sunday includes mostly to partly sunny skies, light winds, and seasonable high temperatures approaching the mid 60s.

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