Last week at this time, Jersey residents were bundled up in sweaters and raincoats, but now they're trying to find relief from sunny skies and temperatures up into the 90's.

Bank sign in Ewing displays 90 degree temperature (Dan Alexander, Townsquare Media NJ)

Many shoppers on Route 1 in Mercer County welcomed the warmer weather, with one woman saying, "It's almost summer, summer is right around the corner, and honestly I love the sun because it has been cold and rainy and I'm over it - absolutely ready for the warmth."

"I think it's welcome, ready for summer, tired of winter, tired of rain, ready to get out to the beach, get down to the shore," a man standing nearby said.

"It's really, really hot- it's really burning…It's okay, I wish it was a little cooler, but I like that it's sunny," a seven-year-old said.

"I think it's wonderful, but it's coming too soon, I can handle it but I would like a spring," her mother chimed in.

Not all Jersey residents are embracing the heat wave however.

"I was in Alaska last year," said one woman, "and I'd like to be back, ha ha."

"It's super crazy warm, isn't it? It's too hot, I get sweaty, I like to be cold," another shopper said.

"This is extreme weather," said a woman standing nearby. "Whether you believe in global warming or not, just go outside and you'll be a believer."

"I know my air conditioner is complaining a bit" said one man, "but if you're giving me a choice of rain and cool weather and this, I'll take this."

The unusually warm weather is expected to last right through the weekend.