A cold front will usher in big changes by Sunday, with rain showers, a brisk wind, and much cooler temperatures expected.

Here are your weather headlines for Friday, September 18, 2015...

Still Warm, Somewhat Humid

The beach in Atlantic City has been quiet this week, despite the blue skies and warm temperatures. (Photo: Eddie Davis, Townsquare Media)

Our weather remains on cruise control for at least the next two days, with very warm temperatures and plentiful sunshine continuing. High temperatures on Friday will be similar to Thursday (and Wednesday too) - ranging between about 82° and 87°. The Jersey Shore will end up a bit cooler again today, thanks to the sea breeze - coastal highs will reach the upper 70s or so. While a few fair-weather clouds might pop up this afternoon, sunshine will be the overall winner of the sky.

We will once again enjoy mostly clear skies and comfortably cool temperatures for tonight, with most lows in the lower 60s. A few 50s will be possible in the coolest spots.

And there's one more warm day in our immediate future: tomorrow. Skies over New Jersey will range from mostly to partly sunny. I think we will also feel a bit of humidity in the air by tomorrow afternoon, as dew points climb into the lower 60s. Not oppressive humidity, but certainly noticeable. Additionally, I was surprised to see a new wrinkle showing up on this morning's models: a stray shower traversing New Jersey tomorrow. While I don't completely buy the shower chance, I'm including it in our official forecast just in case. Most, if not all, of New Jersey will enjoy sunshine and dry weather on Saturday.

If the beach is your destination this weekend, it should be a good choice. Ocean temperatures will be in the 73° to 77° range.

Sunday's Cold Front

All week long, we have been tracking a cold front that still looks to charge through the state early Sunday morning. This front is looking unimpressive - overall rain chances are low, and any precipitation should be limited to showers on Sunday morning. The more important weather impact for Sunday will be a fierce northerly wind, potentially gusting over 30 mph. That wind will carry much drier and cooler air into the Garden State. High temperatures will likely be limited to the 70s.

So Sunday won't be a complete wash - just blustery and cooler. We should even see some breaks of sun by the afternoon.

Monday and Beyond

Autumn officially begins on Wednesday at 4:22 a.m. and New Jersey will be feeling quite fall-like for all of next week. We will return to work and school with partly sunny skies, a continuing stiff breeze, and much cooler temperatures. I would not be surprised to see widespread lows in the 50s early next week, with the return of bone-dry weather. High temperatures for Monday and Tuesday will barely reach the 70-degree mark!

Dan Zarrow is the Chief Meteorologist for Townsquare Media New Jersey. Following him on Facebook and Twitter for your latest forecast.