There's an effort underway to curb fraud in New Jersey's unemployment benefit system with a three-bill package.

Sandy Huffaker, Getty Images

"We're trying to get rid of as much of it as possible," Assemblyman Wayne DeAngelo said.

He explained that those collecting unemployment benefits, who don't deserve them, not only cheat taxpayers, they're also taking money away from the jobless who need the help.

The bills would shorten employer reporting periods and track down over-payments.

The first bill requires employers to submit monthly instead of submitting the reports quarterly as currently required. Another bill would require the State Labor Department to file a notice of debt with the Treasury Department to get back fraudulently received benefits.

DeAngelo says, in some cases, benefits have continued flowing to those who are in jail or deceased.

"There's still, we found, individuals out there that are still taking the checks," DeAngelo said.

DeAngelo says when a death record is completed, the information would be shared with the Labor Department. Also, name lists would have to be cross-checked between Labor and the State Corrections Department to seek matches between inmates who may be incorrectly listed as unemployment recipients.

He calls the three bills common sense steps to protect the public and those truly in need.