NEWARK - A United Airlines flight flying from San Francisco to Newark was one of two planes that landed safely Saturday despite threats against the aircraft.

According to CBS New York, a threatening note was reportedly found inside the bathroom of United Airlines Flight 443, but the Port Authority has deemed it a "non-credible" threat.

The plane landed without incident. CBS reported that when passengers got off the plane in Newark, Port Authority police used bomb sniffing dogs to check the plane as a precaution.

A plane carrying the Boston Celtics to Oklahoma City from Hanscom Field in Bedford, Mass. also landed safely on Saturday after a bomb threat was made while the plane was in the air, according to the Boston Globe. The threat was made through a call to the Oklahoma City police, according to the report.

The team was told to go to the team hotel and leave their luggage behind at the airport where the Oklahoma City Police and the FBI searched the plane and found nothing.

FBI spokesman Terry Weber told the Boston Globe an investigation is underway as to the origin of the call.

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