The Garden State remains a major player in America's expanding solar energy industry.

Sean Gallup, Getty Images

New Jersey added 800 new jobs in the solar industry in 2013 according to The National Solar Jobs Census 2013 report by The Solar Foundation.  Overall, 6,500 workers were employed in New Jersey's solar industry last year, up from 5,700 workers in 2012.  California lead the country with 47,233 solar jobs and Arizona was a distant second with 8,558 jobs.

The state continues to outpace other northeastern states in terms of job creation thanks to strong policies like its renewable portfolio standard.

One of New Jersey's leading environmentalists said the success of the solar industry proves that money can be made by being environmentally sound. "You can make money by going green.  You can protect the economy and the planet at the same time. It's not just important for our economy, but it's also important for our environment," said Jeff Tittel, executive director of The New Jersey Chapter of the Sierra Club.

The Solar Foundation said the fact that New Jersey, Arizona and California are solar leaders demonstrates that solar can be harnessed anywhere, and the industry is not dependent on the geography.

Tittel said jobs in the solar industry are good jobs, not only in manufacturing solar equipment, but in installation as well.

Overall the solar industry employed 142,700 workers in 2013, a nearly 20 percent increase from 2012.