Sheila Oliver is out as Speaker of the General Assembly and Vinnie Prieto is in.

Assemblyman Vinnie Prieto (Photo courtesy of NJ Assembly Democrats via

The incoming Assembly Democratic Majority chose Prieto in a closed-door vote. He will become the 215th Assembly Speaker and the second Cuban American to serve in the leadership post.

“I am humbled and honored to receive the support of the Assembly Democratic majority,” said Prieto. “As Democrats, we stand tall for a strong middle-class, protecting our most vulnerable, creating jobs, providing a quality education for all and property tax relief…..As Speaker, I will do everything I can to ensure we continue striving to achieve these goals we share with the people of New Jersey. I am excited by the opportunity ahead.”

The Assembly Democrats are standing pat when it comes to their Majority Leader. Assemblyman Lou Greenwald will continue serving as Majority Leader of the General Assembly for the 216th Legislature that convenes in January.

"I am humbled and honored to be returning to the Assembly as the Majority Leader,” said Greenwald. “I truly believe there is no higher honor than serving the people of New Jersey. The voters in New Jersey spoke clearly on Tuesday. Despite an onslaught from Gov. Christie, New Jerseyans returned a strong Democratic majority to the Assembly.”