Gun sales in New Jersey have picked up since President Barack Obama issued an executive order to expand background checks.

The order would require more individuals and businesses selling guns to register as dealers and conduct background checks, in an effort to close the so-called "gun show loophole."

South Brunswick and River Vale police all told NJ Advance Media they have experienced spikes in gun permit applications since Tuesday's announcement.

"The spike has been tremendous," Detective Sgt. Christian Antunez of the Howell Police Department told the news organization. "It seems to be a record-setting pace at this point."

Marlboro Township Police Captain Fred Reck, however, told Townsquare Media that his department has not seen an increase in permit applications for January when compared to the past three years.

"We average in the month of January between 50 and 53 new permit applications and I have not seen an increase since the president's announcement," Reck said.

He said that January traditionally has more applications filed that the rest of the year, adding that he was expecting an increase after the announcement.

"Obama is our best salesman and he proves it again," Mel Katz, owner of Defensivre Security in East Windsor, told NJ Advance Media. "As soon as he makes these executive orders, everyone is going to buy guns."

The owners of Garden State Shooting Center in Lakewood concurred: "A lot of the customers are saying it's their right to have (guns). It's their right to have them and they don't want to lose their rights," said Jeff Green and Bill MacStudy.

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