It's a quieter forecast for the Garden State Tuesday with lower humidity, although the 90+ degree temperatures continue for a few more days.

Monday's weather was about as extreme as it gets in the summertime here in New Jersey. Monday's heat was fierce, with Newark Airport hitting 99 degrees, breaking the day's record high of 98 set in 1999. Monday's thunderstorms were fierce too, with both Newark and Trenton breaking daily rainfall record records, with 1.84" and 1.87" respectively.

Tuesday will be much calmer, as the day is expected to remain storm-free. Unfortunately, the cold front that spawned Monday's thunderstorms won't do much to quell those blazing temperatures, as thermometers return to the lower to mid 90s by Tuesday afternoon. The front will, however, dry out our atmosphere a bit. So at least it won't feel quite as humid and steamy. Skies will range from mostly to partly sunny - so if you can stand the heat, it'll be a decent late July day.

On Wednesday morning, a weak impulse could clip South Jersey and provide a brief bit of light rain. The rest of the day will feature sunshine and highs again in the lower 90s. Thanks to light ambient winds, a sea breeze should keep the Jersey Shore a bit cooler than further inland on Wednesday afternoon, with coastal highs in the 80s.

We'll have to endure one more hot 90+ degree day on Thursday, made even more difficult by the humidity that will return too. Clouds will also increase amidst the sticky, steamy conditions.

By Thursday night, our next storm system will start pushing into New Jersey, and we'll likely see the wet weather continue into the Friday daytime hours. Exact timing of the rain is uncertain. Notably, the latest models show very heavy rainfall during the Friday morning commute, before tapering off around Friday midday. The biggest benefit of the rain, the clouds, and the ensuing wind shift? Cooler temperatures! Highs on Friday afternoon will be limited to the mid 80s, capping our heat wave at 8 consecutive days (Thursday to Thursday).

While I can't guarantee a dry weekend forecast, it does appear that the heat will not build back into the Garden State. Our current forecast has highs in the 80s for Saturday and Sunday. Much more comfortable than the unrelenting 90s! I am a bit concerned, however, that an on-shore flow will keep skies cloudy. Combined with a chance for persistent showers this weekend, it could make for less-than-perfect beach weather. Still, the cooldown will allow a welcome break from the heat, for humans, animals, plants, and air conditioners alike!

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